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Mehanical TV Spaceman

  |   robots
(c) 1960s
Walking, revolving screen and antenna
Alps Television Robot

Photo courtesy of toytent.com

The Alps Mechanical Television Spaceman, distinct from its similarly named counterpart, Alps Television Spaceman, represents a niche within the realm of 1960s tin toys. Standing at 6 inches (16cm) tall with folding plastic arms, plastic feet, it sports a silver body with a cream-colored helmet, adorned with intricate lithography. Winding its clockwork motor and flipping the switch sets it walking with a rotating image on a television screen embedded in its chest and a spinning antenna atop its head.


Manufactured by Alps, a precursor to the electronics conglomerate Alpine, the Mechanical Television Spaceman outpunches its weight for a wind-up robot, given its features. Despite its relative scarcity compared to other toys of its time, it holds appeal among collectors for its blend of nostalgic charm and mechanical functionality.