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These are sites that I’ve visited frequently to learn more about tin robots – their features, history, rarity, interesting anecdotes – and to help connect the dots between the key producers and distributors during this relatively short burst of wild creativity during the mid-20th century.


Alphadrome is THE site for collectors of tin robots and other space toys, with active message board contributions from experts and collectors that you simply won’t find elsewhere. They also host a large collection of photos and descriptions in the Gallery section of sci-fi toys. The community supportive and very well informed.

Vintage Space Toys

When I was researching for my 3D robot project, this is the site I spent the most time perusing. They’re dealers that have diligently documented their robot finds over the years with photos from every angle, and provide lots of details and entertaining anecdotes related to their adventures. A must-visit site to learn more about tin robots.


ToyTent is an online retailer whose owners have collected photos and descriptions of the vintage toys they’ve acquired and sold over the years in their Archive section (and from which many of the photos on my Robots section were generously provided). Their wares extend far beyond tin to vintage toys in general, with lots of hard-to-find items in their catalog.

Vintage Tin Toy & Robot Museum

I discovered this “virtual museum” while putting together my site and love it. I believe it’s the work of a collector or group of enthusiasts, and I hope to get in touch with them to learn more. Lots of robots I’ve never seen elsewhere (like all-black Astro Boy!), and an extensive list of links to tin toy sites in Japan and abroad. 

The Old Robots

This is a mega site! Brimming with pictures, info and ephemera related to toy robots in general. The editors are dedicated to compiling every bit of information available for each robot, including multiple angles, variations, box types and even original instructions. I’ve spent a bunch of time here researching. If it’s a toy robot, it’s probably here.

Attacking Martian

This site has FAR more robots documented in its “Robotapedia” section that I do on my site. Lots of info about the features and history of many types of toy robots, including wide coverage of subsequent variations, organized by producer. There’s also plenty of information about post-golden age tin robots that were usually produced in plastic

Simply Robots

Another dealer site, based in the UK, where the owners have taken the time to document their collection. Not a huge selection (though their Gallery section appears to be inactive currently), but they’ve captured their vintage robots in action via crisp 4K video, which makes it more than worth the visit.

Tinplate Toys

This blog stands out for its inclusion of historical tin toy companies, including logos and timelines, and even offers vintage toy catalogs available for purchase digitally. The editor is a dealer and collector, and primarily uses the blog to document items they come across in their business.


This site was a recent discovery for me, and while it appears very simple on the surface, it’s actually is filled with lots of information and pictures of Japanese tin robots as you dig into it. Great descriptions of the robots, including estimates of rarity and market values.