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Hi-Bouncer Moon Scout

  |   robots
Battery (in remote control)
Walking, spinning antenna, shooting balls
Colonel Hap Hazard

Photo courtesy of toytent.com

Linemar’s Hi Bouncer Moon Scout, produced in 1967 for Marx Toys, stands as a rare relic of vintage robotics. Crafted in Japan, this battery-operated astronaut robot features a tin body with plastic visor and antenna, measuring 11.5 inches tall. Controlled by a wired remote that also serves as a battery holder for two D-cell batteries, the Hi Bouncer Moon Scout boasts a simple yet functional design.


With a two-button remote, users can command the robot to walk forward with moving arms and stop to fire balls from its chest. Equipped with a compartment in the back of its helmet, the robot can shoot five high-bouncing balls with the press of a button. This combination of basic functionality and novelty makes the Hi Bouncer Moon Scout a highly sought-after collectible, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into the ingenuity of vintage toy engineering.