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Mr. Atomic

  |   robots
Yonezawa / Cragstan
Flashing lights, “Mystery Bump & Go Action”
Cragstan Astronaut, Yonezawa Smoking Robot

When Yonezawa’s Mr. Atomic made its humble appearance in Sears’ 1962 Big Wish Book holiday catalog in a small black & white photo with a $6.79 retail price, no one could have predicted the legendary status it would ultimately achieve. Marketed in the west under the Cragstan brand, its unconventional bullet-shaped design and sophisticated motorized and electronic features reflected the atomic age’s optimism and fascination with the possibilities of science and technology. 


Over time, Mr. Atomic has become a coveted item among toy enthusiasts. Its battery-powered movements, including signature “Mystery Bump-n-Go” action, added to its allure It has been featured in movies, television shows, and vintage advertisements, solidifying its status as an icon of mid-century futurism. While originals still highly sought after and command high prices, Mr. Atomic was also expertly reproduced by both Mike’s Toy House and Osaka Tin Toy Institute during the early 1990s in both the original silver and blue editions for a new generation of collectors and fans.