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Super Astronaut

  |   robots


Walking, Rotating torso, firing lasers, stop & go action
Space Commander
Space Giant Robot
Mars King TV Robot

Introduced in 1962, Horikawa’s Super Astronaut showcased a host of automatic features, including stop-and-go movement, swinging doors, blinking lights, accompanied by realistic sound effects. Its defining feature, a rotating torso with lighted lasers, added an extra dimension of excitement, while the transparent visor offering a glimpse of a human-like face underscored its futuristic charm. As manufacturing practices evolved, subsequent versions of the Super Astronaut adapted to changing times by incorporating plastic elements, Including arms, legs and feet.


Super Astronaut’s influence extended to a plethora of subsequent offshoots, including the Mars King TV robot, Fighting Robot, Space Giant Robot, Space Commander, and many more, each echoing its pioneering functionality. Despite advancements in materials and manufacturing, the essence of the Super Astronaut, with its rotating torso and futuristic appeal, remains as captivating today as it was upon its debut over six decades ago.

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