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Sparky Robot

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Noguchi (subsidiary of Nomura)
Battery (in remote control)
Walking, sparks
Sparking Robot (independent legs)

Photo courtesy of toytent.com

Affectionately known as Sparky robot and standing at 5.5 inches tall, this wind-up strides forward, with sparks in its chest. Along with a fundamentally  identical version with independent legs, this enduring design has been reproduced countless times over the years in Japan and abroad. It was evidently* manufactured by Nomura, a pioneering force in Japan’s tin toy industry since the late 1940s, whose legacy extends beyond this Mighty Robot, encompassing a colorful array of tin toy vehicles and beloved characters such as Astro Boy and Tetsujin 28.


*Note: there is some debate online surrounding this toy’s exact origins – attributed to both Noguchi and Yoneya – so if anyone has more accurate information, please contact me at mike (at) tintoyrobots, so I can update it. Thank you!