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Door Robot

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Battery (in remote control)
Walking, revolving lights and antenna
Alps Television Robot

Photo courtesy of toytent.com

Nicknamed by collectors for the door compartment on its chest, the Alps Door Robot remains a coveted piece among tin toy enthusiasts, ranking among the most sought-after robots from its time. Controlled by a two-button remote which also serves as a battery holder, this unique creation showcases an array of interesting features: the first button initiates the robot’s walking motion while illuminating a light show within its mouth. Pressing the second button halts the robot’s movement, triggering its head to rotate, revealing a display of colors and spinning antennas enclosed within a clear dome. The door provides access to the robot’s inner workings and facilitates bulb replacement.


This battery-operated marvel by Alps stands as a testament to the company’s artistic ingenuity. Its design, characterized by its barrel-shaped chest and unique details like the opening chest compartment, sets it apart as a collector’s gem. It originally retailed as “Revolving Robot” in US catalogs for $2.98. Despite its vintage origins, Alps, now known as Alpine in Japan, continues its legacy as a prominent electronics manufacturer.