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Tetsujin 28

  |   robots
Walking, swinging arms


Billiken Astro Boy, Billiken Robby the Robot

Tin toy interpretations of Tetsujin 28, known internationally as Gigantor, represented a significant milestone in the realm of tin robots, particularly those inspired by manga and television characters. This wind-up rendition, Released by Billiken in 1992, follows a tradition of tin robots adapted from popular culture figures that dates back to the early 1960s.  Over the years, battery-powered and remote control variations have also been produced.  Notably, this Billiken version shares many characteristics with its Nomura predecessor from 1963, albeit with some modifications to the color scheme.


Iron Man No. 28, originally a manga series created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama in 1956, follows the adventures of a young boy named Shotaro Kaneda, who controls a giant robot named Tetsujin 28. Built by his late father, this giant robot becomes a central element of the series’ narrative. Billiken’s Tetsujin 28 pays homage to this iconic character, embodying the essence of the legendary manga and television figure while offering enthusiasts a tangible connection to Yokoyama’s imaginative world.