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Robby the Robot

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Walking, spinning antenna in head


Billiken Astro Boy
Billiken Tetsujin 28

Billiken’s 1993 release of Robby the Robot continued a long tradition of tin toy interpretations of this iconic robot. Robby, originating from the landmark 1956 film Forbidden Planet, has become synonymous with science fiction, appearing in various media over the years. The first Robby tin robot was produced by Nomura in 1957, with subsequent versions by Yonezawa, Yoshiya, and Osaka Tin Toy. Billiken Japan’s 1993 wind-up iteration stands at 240mm tall and weighs 270g, and is a relatively faithful representation of the original cinema version.


Featuring a clockwork wind-up mechanism, Billiken’s Robby The Robot toy captures the essence of classic tin toy craftsmanship. The olive drab and metallic gray color options pay homage to the retro-futuristic aesthetic of the original Forbidden Planet robot. Packaged with beautiful box art, Billiken’s 1993 rendition preserves the enduring legacy of Robby The Robot, offering a nostalgic reminder of the golden era of mechanical toys.