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R-35 Control Robot

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Battery (in remote control)
Walking, moving arms, lighted eyes
Linemar Golden Robot

Photo courtesy of toytent.com

The Linemar R-35 Control Robot was an early example of remote controlled tin robot toys. Standing at 7.5 inches tall, this metallic silvery-blue robot has lithographed tinplate adorned with red, black, and yellow details. Operated by a wired remote control, which houses two D-cell batteries, the R-35 Robot moved forward or backward via pin walking while swinging its arms and illuminating its green eyes.


As an import subsidiary of Louis Marx & Co, Linemar played a pivotal role in bringing Japanese-made toys to Western markets during the 1950s through the late 1960s. The R-35 Robot, produced by both Linemar and Modern Toys, showcases the craftsmanship and diversity of these early imports. There were variations in color schemes, remote control designs, and eye colors throughout its production run.