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Chief Robotman

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Walking, bump-n-go, swiveling head, lights
Chief Smoky Robot

Photo courtesy of toytent.com

Yoshiya’s skirted Chief Robotman epitomizes the iconic robots of the mid 20th century. Its distinct features include a solid rectangular body with a vibrant green panel on the front, adorned with three red buttons. The square head with spinning antennae is tinged in yellow with red/burgundy accents, and houses a light in its dome.

Chief Robotman is part of a series that includes notable variants like the Mystery Moonman and the Radical Robot, each distinguished by its unique color scheme. While the grey iteration remains the most prevalent, the white and blue versions stand out as slightly rarer finds. Standing at an impressive 13 inches tall, this robot featured a bump-and-go mechanism along with stop-and-go functionalities. The silver Chief Robotman edition offers additional functionality as its head swivels from left to right, accompanied by flashing lights and spinning antennas on both ears. It was reintroduced as a reproduction in 2008 for a new wave of collectors.